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Project Sheet 6
Project Title:   WASH Emergency Response to NWA IDP’s
Funding Agency:   United National International Children Education Fund
Project Duration:   June, 2014 to November, 2014
Project Objective:


7200 individuals /6000 families including men, women and children having access to safe drinking water


7200 individual IDPs including men, women and children having access to safe sanitation facilities


7200 individual including men, women and children adapted safe hygiene practices
Project Areas:   Bannu & Lakki Marwat – KPK
Project Achievements:  

Installation of 70 hand pumps/Pressure Pump in selected union councils;
Installation of 280 VIP Latrines;
Installation of 170 water tanks;
Maintenance and Repairing of Hand washing facilities in 333 schools occupied by NWA IDPs;
Maintenance and Repair of 100 Pour Flush Latrines in Spontaneous Camps/Schools;
Installation of 100 Waste Bins in schools;
Water Trucking for ensuring access of IDPs to safe drinking water in camps;
Cleaning of latrines and safe removal of solid waste from schools occupied by IDPs;
Distribution of Hygiene Kits among IDPs;
Distribution of Soaps provided by World Health Organization among IDPs;
Hygiene Promotion Sessions with IDPs;
One Week Special Sanitation campaign;