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Project Sheet 10
Project Title:   Rehabilitation of flood damaged water & sanitation systems and improved service delivery project
Funding Agency:   Mercy Corps
Project Duration:   February, 2011 to June, 2013
Project Objective:


To rehabilitate flood damaged infrastructure and improving water & sanitation coverage and Hygiene promotion in a sustainable way.


Rehabilitation of flood damaged water & sanitation service delivery system.
Project Areas:   Swat – KPK
Project Achievements:  

Baseline KAP surveys in selected communities.
Strengthening of Village Development Organizations.
Assessment, rehabilitation, and upgrading of existing gravity water schemes.
Construction of simple, non-energy based shallow water wells and water filtration systems.
Support communities to construct household latrines and latrines for public institutions
Selection of target behaviors based on the baseline KAP survey, and develop appropriate hygiene promotion strategies to respond to these behaviors.
Hygiene promotion campaign in beneficiary community groups.
Technical training for community operators and line agency staff.
Coordination meetings with PHED and local government staff.